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There are many instances where home health care is required but why choose a live-in caregiver vs. hourly care for your loved one? Live-in caregiver offers the optimum in home health care at a surprisingly affordable rate. Did you know that the daily flat rate for a live-in equates to about nine hours of hourly care? Not only is this a significant financial value, but your loved one benefits from a caregiver being in the home around the clock.

Constant 24/7 Care

In addition to affordability, a live-in caregiver can offer unsurpassed care and companionship. Your loved one can develop a trusting relationship with his or her caregiver. Likewise, your caregiver will really get to know you or your loved one, including his or her daily activities and preferences. Everything from a favorite lunch to preferred hobbies and pastimes.

There is nothing more important than continuity of care for your loved one day in and day out.  A live-in caregiver is always there, providing the same caring style seven days a week, with no disruption to the clients routine. A live-in caregiver is dedicated to ensuring constant and consistent home health care. Even when your caregiver needs a day off, most agencies provide a trained relief caregiver to ensure continuous and seamless care.

Constant Comfort

Opting for a live-in caregiver to care for your loved one can also be a constant source of comfort. Nothing compares to knowing that a quality, trained and compassionate caregiver is with your loved one at all times. Finding consistent, quality of care from a licensed home health agency you can trust is essential to your peace of mind.

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