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Texas Senior Care and Housing Directory
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Texas Senior Care Facilities

Types of Texas senior care facilities.

Assisted Living / Memory Care

Texas assisted living and memory care facilities

Personal Care Homes

Texas Personal Care Homes

Skilled Nursing / Therapy / Rehab

Texas Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities

Granny Pods / ADU's

Texas Granny Pods 

Senior Housing Locators

Texas Senior Housing Locators

Smart Care Technology

Technology for Texas Caregivers and patients with Alzheimer's.

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Texas Senior Care Facilities

There are many different types of community care services for the elderly which include:

Red Arrow Assisted Living / Memory Care - Assisted Living is part of a continuum of long-term care services that provides a combination of housing, personal care services, and health care designed to respond to individuals who need assistance with normal daily activities in a way that promotes maximum independence. Memory Care is similar to assisted living, but it is optimized to better suit adults with progressive cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory problems. You may see memory care also referred to as Alzheimer’s care or dementia care. Assisted living and memory care are not interchangeable terms. However, many assisted living facilities offer memory care as part of a suite of available services.

Red Arrow Skilled Nursing Facilities provide round-the-clock assistance with healthcare and activities of daily living. Payment options can include Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Long-Term Care Insurance, Medicaid, Veterans Administration Aid, and Private Pay (Out-of-Pocket).

Red Arrow Personal Care Homes (also known as a residential care homes) in Texas are private residences most often within a subdivision that offer personal care services, assistance and supervision to four or more persons. They offer a smaller, more intimate setting, ideal for persons who might not do well with the larger assisted living facilities. They typically provide meals, laundry, housekeeping, medication supervision, assistance with activities of daily living and activity programs.

Red Arrow Senior Housing Locators assist families who are considering options for assisted living / memor care or long-term nursing home care. However, they can also assist with locating in-home care options such as home health and non medical in home care, respite care and hospice.

Red Arrow Granny Pods is a Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) you place on your property. They offer more privacy and independence than living with family as they are set up on the property of a larger family home and connected to the existing utilities. They are typically 350-500 square feet in space.

Red Arrow Smart Care Technology utilizes a series of pre-programmed data-collecting sensors to allow senior care providers to monitor and alert on the activities of seniors in their homes or care communities. These can include  Apps and devices for family members with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other conditions with memory loss.


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