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Private Caregiver vs. Care Agency

How Caregivers Can Help the Elderly

In home caregivers can provide services to help your loved one continue to live at home.

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If you plan on keeping your parents in the home, it only comes down to two options. You could hire a private caregiver or seek the help of a home care agency. If you've never done either, it can be challenging to know which option you should go with

The fear of losing independence keeps many seniors from receiving the help they need. Depending upon the situation and the level of care needed many seniors could benefit by hiring a caregiver to assist them in their own home.

There are a variety of problems that can arise from hiring someone to come into your senior loved one's home, from tax and legal issues to safety concerns and scheduling availability. A reputable home care agency can provide a caregiver who you can be assured will take care of your loved one in a professional and respectful way.

As people age, it can unfortunately become more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle independently. Seniors who begin having difficulty remaining independent often neglect personal hygiene, forget meals, or become unable to do once-simple things like cleaning up spills or clutter around the home. Without proper help, issues like these only worsen. They can eventually cause injury, malnourishment, and further complications down the road. If this sounds like someone you love, they may be in need of a caregiver.

 Benefits of Hiring From an Agency

The scope of services varies and can include help with eating meals, bathing, or even exercising. They can be trained medical professionals, able to assist with managing medications, vitals, or wound care, to non-medical caregivers who can help with things like cleaning or grocery shopping.

Depending on the situation and a senior's level of independence, caregivers do not necessarily have to be someone who is able to provide medical support. Home care gives both you and your loved one peace of mind, knowing that someone is there to help with any necessary tasks.

Red ArrowAnother benefit of using a caregiver to help your loved one is the private attention that they will be able to provide.

A caregiver can fulfill the important need for socialization as older adults become more isolated. Personal attention gives your loved one the opportunity to interact with someone and give him/her company and conversation. Because home care allows seniors to remain within their own homes, it is generally the least disruptive type of care.

When living in an assisted living center, residents are forced to modify their routine to match the house's schedule. This is a non-issue for some, but others find it very disruptive. For example, they are given food at whichever time the facility schedules.

Red ArrowIf taken care of by an in-home caregiver, a senior is able to maintain the hours they prefer and the caregiver can provide personalized meals.

A caregiver will also be able to pay closer attention to the amount of food your loved one is eating to make sure their diet follows nutritional guidelines.

Depending on the health of the senior, they may only need a caregiver a few days a week. If they need a caregiver around the clock though, there are agencies that can accommodate that as well. Sometimes seniors are completely healthy and independent, but family members use caregivers as a way to check in on parents who live out of state.

Red ArrowIf all that is an issue is driving, an in-home caregiver can take a person to and from doctor's appointments, the grocery store, or the pharmacy.

The cost of an in-home caregiver is generally less than a skilled nursing or assisted living facility where residents are not only paying for the caregiving staff, but also for room and board. Generally, a person receiving in-home care will have a more tailored routine, which can be an advantage to both mental and emotional health.

Red ArrowAlways make sure the caregiver is certified and be sure to use an accredited agency if a caregiver sounds like a suitable option.

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