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Self Storage Units for Seniors

Self Storage Units for Texas Seniors 

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If you are a senior moving into a senior residential living community, or if your family has a senior loved one who is planning such a move, there's a lot to take care of beforehand. One of the major things to work on is finding storage for furniture and other personal items that cannot stay in the home, perhaps due to its impending sale.

It's important to find a good senior storage facility for your items. Seniors have somewhat different storage needs than people in other age categories, and there are several criteria a storage site should meet to be a good match for senior customers. Knowing how to spot a good senior storage facility when you find it saves time, money and effort. Starting early, asking the right questions and finding the right storage facility for yourself or a senior loved one helps reduce the strain of a move for those already struggling with a difficult transition period.

Ideas of what you might want to store in your storage unit when downsizing for a senior.

Many senior care facilities or apartment communites, have limited space for residents' personal items. Or, they might have limits imposed by state laws, which means that many treasured possessions must be either given away, thrown out or put into storage.

 Even if a facility has virtually unlimited space for personal things, it's still a good idea to store some of the bulkier and heavier items in a safe place until you're sure the new community will be a permanent home. By taking this route, you'll at least save the trouble of having to move everything twice if a change of facilities is required.

For seniors, moving does not always happen by choice, but sometimes out of necessity. As the cost of living continues to rise, seniors can sometimes find themselves outliving their retirement savings, and unable to meet their financial obligations. One of the more painful choices to make is leaving one's home.

Downsizing is typical, and often the only way to stay afloat. In many cases, seniors must move into assisted living facilities, a decision which forces them to choose between selling their assets, giving them away, or putting them into a secure storage facility.

One eventual concern that may not be on your radar early on in this process is how to deal with a lifetime of personal belongings that very likely will not fit into your new senior living community. That's where self-storage can help. Units come in a variety of sizes, and you can rent space for as short or as long as you need. You might require more space in the beginning as you decide which items to keep, pass on to relatives, sell or donate to a charity.

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